Deloraine Ambulance Service

Ambulance Volunteers in Deloraine are calling on the Hodgman Liberal Government to put on hold the announcement to make Deloraine a Double Branch station until there has been a review to take into account the impact on volunteers and the local community. 

Deloraine Ambulance Volunteers want the community to understand that making Deloraine a Double Branch Station won’t double the services for the local community, in fact, it could see them diminish as the ambulance is used in the city to plug holes in a broken health system.

Volunteers are worried that they will end up sent to jobs all across the north of the state which will leave them fatigued and even worse, it will leave their community without a local ambulance response. 

Deloraine’s Volunteer Ambulance officers are calling on the Hodgman Liberal Government to save their local ambulance service and not leave the community vulnerable to gaps in coverage.

If the Government fails to listen then a number of Volunteers will resign, including some who have served for over ten years.

Sign and say we need to save our local ambulance service.